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Privacy and confidentiality are important principles at Champaigne Klassen. The information that you provide, or is provided to us by others, is confidential and is only released to a third party with your informed written consent. A written consent would allow our office to release reports and or information to, or consult with, the individuals you have indicated. You can withdraw your consent in writing at any time.

As psychologists there are situations where there is a limit to this confidentiality and we are required by law to release information without your written permission. In cases where you are involved in a legal action our files can be subpoenaed by the courts.

We are legally required to take appropriate protective action when:

  • There is an immediate concern of harm to others. This may involve notifying the police, notifying the potential victim or seeking medical help and/or hospitalization.
  • We learn a child is being abused. We need to report this to the CAS.
  • We learn of abuse by a health care professional. We are required by law to inform the appropriate regulatory body involved.

As a client you will be provided, and we will review with you, a detailed description of our privacy policy which is compliant with the Ontario Personal Information Protection Act and the Psychologists Ethical Guidelines as outlined by the Ontario College of Psychologists.