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We provide a range of bilingual psychological assessments as part of developing further information and understanding of a client’s problems for diagnosis, therapy planning and when there is a need for a formal psychological report.

Psychological Assessment & Learning

Drs. Champaigne and Klassen provide psychological assessments of children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Champaigne has a long standing passion and well developed skill for helping children and their parents understand a learning disability and what to do about it.

Psychological-Educational Assessment

A Psychological-Educational Assessment is completed when an individual is struggling with learning in school. It involves the assessment of intellectual, cognitive, memory, attentional, academic, emotional, social, and behavioural functioning in order to identify and profile cognitive strengths and weaknesses. This leads to consideration of a diagnosis of a learning disability and provision of recommendations for best approaches to instruction and studying. This type of assessment is also requested when there has been some reduction in learning capacity from brain injury and home/school based training is necessary or being considered.

Clinical Psychological Assessment

We can provide clinical psychological assessment when questions of diagnosis, functional psychological limitations, and therapy needs are present and needed with clients seen through Veterans Affairs Canada, Motor Vehicle Accident insurance, Long Term Disability Claimants and Legal-Psychological assessments.

Psychological Vocational Assessment

A Psychological-Vocational Assessment can help a client to consider optimal vocational paths when a learning disability, physical injury, brain injury or other factors are involved. It identifies cognitive abilities, aptitudes, personality-profile, interests and academic skills. From this assessment, the individual’s potential for employability and vocational matching is determined. Current psychological functioning is also examined and any potential factors impacting upon return to work are identified.

Independent Psychological Assessment (IME)

At this time neither Dr. Klassen nor Dr. Champaigne are providing IMEs for insurers.