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As outlined in our “The Sleep Solution” description, we have a free App called The Sleep Solution which was developed in Apple and Android by Dr. Kevin Saroka through our office. To download simply search The Sleep Solution in Apple or Android devices including phones and tablets. This APP was developed to help us track our client’s sleep and as a format to provide the Alpha Switch sound track from The Sleep Solution training to clients. It is useful for tracking sleep history and includes a sleep induction in English by Dr. Champaigne which will soon be offered in French as well.

The App also includes sound tracks from Don Hill, who is a writer, film producer and sound artist. His passion is to make incredibly good sound recordings of what he terms healing and sacred places. There are water sounds from Tofino and Ucluelet Sound in British Columbia and sounds of the wind from Omahk (old big) in Alberta, which is also known as Canada’s Stonehenge.

The App is free and available to anyone who may find it useful including other psychologists and therapists.