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We love Dr. Doidge and have been following him since the day the first edition of his book The Brain that Changes Itself came out. We recommend this book to everyone with a concussion or brain injury.  His second book The Brains Way of Healing led us to investigate the exciting developments in Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) for concussion and brain injury.  The US Veterans Affairs Department has conducted a multi-million dollar study with the University of Boston using LLLT on 160 Gulf War veterans with concussion and PTSD.  There results should be out soon.

Our pilot research consists of doing LLLT with individual clients with concussion and brain injury who are typically at least two years post injury.  We complete Quantitative Electroencephalograms (QEEGs) at the beginning and after the therapy is complete to evaluate changes in the brain. The results so far are simply remarkable. Within two months we are getting statistically significant reductions of the “tired spaced out” Theta brain wave activity and increases in the “focused” Beta brain wave activity that clients report with head concussion and head injury. While the results are very promising, this is still a new and exploratory therapy and it is not yet offered as part of our regular sessions.

We want to develop a world class, externally reviewed, research project on concussion and brain injury using LLLT and are currently in discussions with leaders in this field on how to do this. This is 21st century neuroscience at its best, and we are loving it! Stay tuned for more!