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We started a pilot study on The Sleep Solution in 2016. We wanted to target individuals who we saw as typical of the 30-40% of Canadians who do not sleep. Participants were not our clients. They were not involved in other therapies. While we have very positive results for sleep with our clients, we wanted a condition where we could state with some confidence that our sleep intervention resulted in the improvements. Our sleep program is detailed under The Sleep Solution elsewhere on our website and these subjects followed that protocol. We had both objective and subjective measures, including accurate take home EEG sleep recordings of sleep architecture.

Subjects were adults who ranged from early 30s to 60’s. They were either working or retired. They did not have serious health or mental health issues. They all had one thing in common-long term poor sleep!

The following are only some of our results which are extremely positive. In a 6 month follow-up all subjects had maintained gains. Pre- post results are significantly different and we are looking forward to publishing these results.  We are also exploring research funding for a larger, externally reviewed, study.

A. Reduced time to fall asleep

Fig 1. Average of the time to fall asleep before and after the Sleep Solution Intervention as measured by participant reports (n=11).

B. Increased Happiness

Fig 2. Level of participants’ self-report level of happiness with their sleep measured on a scale of 0-10 before and after the Sleep Solution Intervention (n=11).

C. Improved Sleep

Fig 3. Pre and post sleep architecture objectively measured by a take home wireless device that gives accurate EEG recordings from the fron­tal cortex throughout the night